Shipping Fee


Due to the complexity involved in the furniture industry, it is almost impossible to set up the accurate shipping cost for each product. We do not offer “FREE SHIPPING”. For some products, we will simply charge you VERY HIGH and SAFE shipping fee, which will be adjusted before the actual delivery of the product is arranged.

For shipping cost, there are 3 (but not limited to) kind of situations:

  • (A) Some small products especially those flat packed and light weight items, they can be shipped by couriers. So the shipping cost can be predefined accurately.
  • (B) Most of the other products are bigger or heavier than the maximum of the couriers can take, so we will use a shipping company. The shipping cost will be charged on the detailed shipping address. The shipping rate is pretty cheap for major cities like Wellington and Hamilton. For some small towns, it is pretty high and those rural or outside of the town delivery will be very expensive. In this case, you can ask to pick up on call from the shipping company’s depo in the town to save you a fortune
  • (C) For some very close deliveries like in Auckland city area, we can call a local shipping company to send a truck for your order. This is a small truck designated for your order. The price starts from $40 per delivery (not per item)

In case A you can see the detailed shipping cost already displayed on the product page. But if you are buying multiple items, maybe you can save on combined shipping cost.

In case B & C, the shipping cost will be preset to be very high like $999 for each item and This is to prevent you from checking out directly with an un-confirmed shipping cost.


Do you want to Pick-up?


You can choose to pick up the product from our shop. The details are given on our delivery page.




These cost shown below, only apply for items upto 10 Kg and small boxes only. Please enquire for  larger/over sized/over weight items. Courier costs are roughly as follows:

  • For Auckland $8
  • Items less than 2kg - $10 North Island ONLY
  • North Island (North of Taupo) $12
  • North Island (South of Taupo) $14
  • South Island - items less than 2kg - $14
  • South Island $22
  • RD is an extra $6

As said earlier, If you would like to buy a product then simply add this product to your cart by clicking "Add to cart" button. Then please call us to find out the exact shipping fee for your product. One of our sales representitive will set up the shipping cost for you. Then only proceed with the check outs and make the payment.